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Doc's Small Decal - $20 total (1 Fundraiser Entry)
*FUNDRAISER*  >>  Doc's Small Decal - $20 total (1 Fundraiser Entry)
Doc's Small Decal - $20 total (1 Fundraiser Entry)
Thank you for your support of a very special young boy, and his love of all things outdoors! Our young friend went from being a normal child to having a rare, near fatal case of mycoplasma pneumonia that attacked his brain, leaving him in a wheelchair unable to swallow. By purchasing this decal, you will not only show your support of Doc's, but you will also be helping to provide this young outdoorsman with a specialized hunting golf cart to allow him to more easily access hunting, fishing and trapping properties. All profits will go to purchase of a specialized hunting golf cart. As a “thank you”, everyone who purchases a small decal will have one (1) entry into a drawing for an autographed Ted Nugent Mossy Oak acoustic guitar (made by Indiana Guitar Company). The drawing will be held on Sunday, May 7, 2017. Please stay tuned to the Doc’s Deer Scents Facebook page for more information as well as updates on our friend. Your prayers for him and his family are appreciated. Note: Shipping charges are not really for shipping. We just can't make them go away!
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Deer communicate through an intricate glandular system. These scent glands are located on different parts of a deer's anatomy and use pheromones to identify individual animals. Both hormonal and sympathetic stimulation messages are sent between.

Pheromones released in a deers hoofprint can warn other deer of danger.

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