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Doc's Rut Pack (Pre-Order for Fall)
3 pack
Doc's Non-Rut Pack
3 pack
Doc's Breeding Pair (Pre-Order for Fall)
1 oz
Doc's Extreme Heat Urine 2oz (Pre-Order for Fall)
2 oz
Doc's Double Doe Urine
4 oz
Doc's Extreme Heat Urine 4oz (Pre-Order for Fall)
4 oz
Doc's Dominant Buck Urine
4 oz
Doc's Devastator 249 Scent (Pre-Order for Fall)
9 oz
Doc's Extreme Heat Urine 1oz (Pre-Order for Fall)
1 oz
Doc's Love Potion #9 (Pre-Order for Fall)
4 oz
Doc's Scrape Invader
8 oz
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Deer communicate through an intricate glandular system. These scent glands are located on different parts of a deer's anatomy and use pheromones to identify individual animals. Both hormonal and sympathetic stimulation messages are sent between.

Pheromones released in a deers hoofprint can warn other deer of danger.

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